Little Arkansas DAR Little Arkansas DAR

Little Arkanas DAR Chapter is a volunteer organization that needed an easy way to update content without formal training required. It uses MODX Content Management System, so volunteers can upload new schedules and contact information, along with membership information. This site is SEO optimized and the management dashboard includes Google Analytics for officers to monitor the usage of their site.

MODX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
Trey Allen Photography Trey Allen Photography

Trey Allen Photography wanted to display their photos, yet protect their copyrights to the images. This page is developed with that protection in mind. It uses MODX Content Management System, so the staff can upload new photos on demand, and also provide a secure online portal for clients to view their sitting photos. This site is SEO optimized and the management dashboard includes Google Analytics for Trey Allen to monitor the usage of their site.

MODX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
International Christian Enterprise International Christian Enterprise

This non-profit organization has many volunteers and donors that require an online presence for communication. This site utilizes MODX Content Management System (CMS), so the board members have the ability to update the content of the site from the news articles and prayer requests to financial documents and slideshow pictures. From this site, visitors can submit donations through Pay-Pal, link to the Facebook page, sign-up for the newsletter subscriptions with MailChimp and subscribe to the RSS feed.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, MODX
MOXI Junction MOXI Junction

This new coffee shop uses a Content Management System (CMS) to keep their site up to date with the latest specials, menu items, and photos. They have an integrated e-commerce shopping cart for online ordering and RSS feed for blasting new articles to subscribers. The web site was developed as part of the Corporate Identity package which included the logo design and printed materials. The CMS dashboard includes Google Analytics so that MOXI Junction can keep track of the usage of their site and further enhance the SEO optimization.

MODX, HTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, e-Commerce
Rowdy Racing Rowdy Racing

This sailing team has a website in order to communicate with team members and sponsors. It utilizes a content management system (CMS) so the team can update the site with their event schedule, their current rankings, add videos and news articles. They can add and delete team member bios as changes occur. The site is SEO optimized, and the team can update the search criteria as needed. The CMS also has a admin panel that uses Google Analytics for up-to-date analysis of the site, site pages, referrals, and demographics of the users.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MODX
Elpis Foundation Elpis Foundation

This non-profit organization is located in Romania, but has many international partners. They have a multitude of projects that need sponsorship and host 4-5 mission trips per year. The details of the projects, mission trips, and user registration utilize the MODX content management system (CMS), so that it details are easily maintained and constantly updated. This site also tracks the visitor's preference regarding US dollars versus Euros with the PayPal options.

Funny Fotos Wichita Funny Fotos Wichita

Funny Fotos is a new photobooth business. This website was created using the MODX content management system (CMS), which allows Funny Fotos to update their site with new content, photo albums and information. The site has been SEO optimized and includes a Google Analytics dashboard for keeping track of the effectiveness of their marketing. This site was part of a corporate identity package which included a new logo and printed materials.

PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
MW Diamond Consulting MW Diamond Consulting

This new small business purchased the corporate identity package that included a logo, business card designs and a functioning web site. The purpose of the web site was to market potential clients, educate business owners of potential risks of employee embezzlement, and provide a secure, interactive contact form. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was included in the programming of the site.

PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
Gradinita Elpis Gradinita Elpis

This non-profit organization is a Kindergarten in Romania. Their site needed to have pictures of the children, basic school information, and a lunch menu that they can maintain with ease. The custom MODX content management system (CMS) gives the Kindergarten the power to update their content as it changes without calling upon programmers to make the change. The background graphics were designed in Illustrator.

HTML, CSS, Flash, Javascript, jQuery, MODX
Moon Valley Waxworks Moon Valley Waxworks

This small business operates out of a theme park in Branson, MO. They wanted to expand their product offerings to online ordering of flowers and hands, as well as party entertainment. The background and graphics were designed in Illustrator.  Interactive forms and FAQ pages engages the visitors in unique ways.

HTML, CSS, Flash, jQuery and JavaScript